Day: June 1, 2021

Landscape Paving at the Mornington PeninsulaLandscape Paving at the Mornington Peninsula

landscape paving mornington peninsula

The first time I was on the Mornington Peninsula it was a very windy day, maybe not windy enough to drive over but windy enough to make the experience of walking across a landscape paving mornington peninsula nearly impossible. The peninsula is a small island, so when it gets windy you can be sure of one thing…it will get wet! And it did get wet, literally, on this fine day in May, 2010. I had been out walking the morning traffic for about an hour when suddenly I began to notice puddles being squirted every which way. My boots were soaked, my socks were soaked, my hands were soaked, and I was only about halfway to my car before I began to break down.

The Most stunning scene at the Mornington Peninsula

Thankfully, by the time I got to my car I managed to dry myself quickly and get back on my feet. Luckily, I still had much of the evening to spare, so after finishing up what seemed like an eternity of trying to dry myself I set off to photograph the scene. To be honest, the most stunning scene I saw on the peninsula that day was the aftermath of the heavy rain from that morning. This natural flood zone had completely ruined the landscape, but luckily the weather conditions allowed me to take many fantastic photographs.

There is one particular image in particular that I really enjoyed taking, and it’s a photo that I have not seen anywhere else. It shows the area totally flattened out, and the peninsula completely covered in pebbles! It’s a lovely scene, and I couldn’t wait to get back there that next morning to photograph it. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate, and although the water levels receded for the day I wasn’t able to take any more pictures of the landscape paving before it was too late! The damage was extensive, and I had to spend most of the next year restoring what I’d damaged; however, it was well worth the effort!