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Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Cooler ReviewBlast Auxiliary Desktop Air Cooler Review

In this Blast Auxiliary Desktop Ac Ultra Review we look at the features that make the unit so unique and the two ways it can help you in your quest to cool your office. With a cooling fan and water curtain you have a dual function device that helps you maximise the productivity of your desktop. The first thing that you will notice when looking at this product is the presence of two fans in one compact unit. This is because the fan sits on the back of the unit, whilst the water curtain sits on top. Find out

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This is of course one of the best dual functioning devices you are going to find in a desktop air cooler. If you look at other products you will find that they are either large and clunky, or hard to clean. With both of these issues resolved with the Blast Auxiliary you are able to make full use of the cooling power, without any problems. There are two speeds on the fan, which enables you to adjust the speed to suit your need, meaning that you never end up running at a painfully high speed for no reason at all. The water curtain also has an adjustable air flow feature, which allows you to adjust the amount of air flow that the device is able to remove from your system.

The extra cooling power that this product offers is made possible thanks to its double-bladed fan. The best part is that this unit does not use any bulky aluminum casing, so it can be easily added onto a table or other surface. With this device you are able to turn any computer into an air conditioning system, which will allow you to run your productivity reports at an even higher rate. You can also use the device to remove moisture from the air around your desktop, which will help to keep your system running much more smoothly. By using a device like the Blast aux you can really make the most out of your desktop air conditioning system.