Microsoft Word Product Setup

Microsoft Word is one of Microsoft Office products that allows the user to create documents, manipulate text, enter data and do other office related tasks in a smooth and easy manner. Word is also integrated with other Microsoft Office products such as Excel, Power Point and other products for making presentations. If you are planning to purchase Microsoft Word and want to learn about the product setup, then this article is for you.



Microsoft Word setup: Advanced customization There are many additional features that Word comes along with and all these add-ins can be customized according to your needs. To get more information on how to customize Microsoft Word, go to Microsoft’s website and there you can read all about the product setup. Once you have read the setting up directions, you should open a Word file or a PDF document and then go ahead and open it. There you will find the setup options and you can choose the features you want to use with Word and all these features can be activated after you activate the product in the Microsoft Word Setup Wizard.


There are many Microsoft Office add-ins that can be found on Microsoft’s official website and you can download them from there and use them to enhance the functionality of your Word document. Some popular add-ins include the Microsoft Word Wheel, which helps in organizing your documents and searching for terms easily. Another add-in called SmartSearch enables you to search for terms in a specific location using keywords. You can also find Microsoft Word Pro’s built-in grammar and spell checker, Microsoft Word Curve, which help you to correct spelling mistakes and improve your writing style, and Microsoft Word Plus, which help you prepare a document in a different format like PFD, PDF and others.

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