Uluwatu Accommodation – From Beachfront to Hilltop

If you are looking for Bali accommodation that’s near the beach, you should head up north to the town of Kuta. Here you will find one of the best bali accomodation resorts around, which also has its own beach, gym and restaurant. For tourists coming in from the capital, Jakarta, it’s recommended that you book into a Kuta hotel, which will offer you better access to the beach and more space to explore the island. The same goes for people coming from further afield, who might prefer a smaller Bali resort with more seclusion. In Kuta, you can also try out a variety of seafood restaurants, such as Babi Guling’s, which is situated just opposite the Babi Cenggua beach.

Uluwatu Bali Accommodation – Great Value Accommodation

Accommodation ranges from backpackers accommodations to larger lodges and hotels, which often come complete with their own private pool and gym. If you are looking for Bali accommodation with a more personalised approach, there are plenty of guest houses and Bali villas available to rent direct from their owners. Uluwatu has some great Asian cuisine available at restaurants, but if you’re looking for something a little different then you can also try out one of the many street stalls that dotted the island before the tourism boom. These days you can get some really good deals on good quality Bali accommodation and with the island becoming more developed, you’ll find that prices are also becoming cheaper and more competitive.

Uluwatu is one of the most sought after islands in the region, housing the iconic volcano Pounamu and the historic towns of Kiama and Blenheim. The island has a warm tropical climate with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. There are plenty of accommodation options available for visitors coming to the island from the cities including the popular Uluwatu hotels and resorts. When choosing your accommodation you should think about whether you would prefer a more traditional Bali style lodge, or are you looking for something a little more modern? It’s also possible to find Bali accommodation that’s not next to the beach, as many of the resorts in the area now have water front properties and these are perfect for those who love to swim!

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